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Our Digital Vault:
How do you protect your file based
assets in case of an emergency?

Encoding & Transcoding:
How do you insure your media is
Compatible across multiple platforms?

Digital Distribution:
Where do you find a robust pipeline
to distribute your assets on time?

Welcome to DVS InteleStream

DVS Media Services

Encoding & Transcoding

DVS InteleStream processes thousands of files daily, covering the gamut of multiple platforms, codecs and wrappers. Digitizing your material is one thing, but what about making all of those deliverables you are committed to? We’ve got you covered. DVS InteleStream transcodes files from 4K HRD to SD resolutions, with fast turnaround.

Distribution & Delivery

File-based workflows require a fast, robust pipeline to deliver on time and with confidence. DVS InteleStream pioneered the distribution of file based electronic marketing materials for our clients through our EPK.TV platform and we use that same philosophy and technology to deliver materials for all of our clients.

Localization & Accessibility

DVS does closed caption and sub-title creation and project management in over 50 languages. Our onsite facility handles, conforms, script creation, CCSL, Descriptive Audio and all common standard formats, performed by our experienced, in-territory industry veterans.

Feature & Episodic Mastering

DVS InteleStream has created an efficient high capacity service where we master your content and DVS will encodes to specification, quality control to our clients needs and then digitally distribute files for a multitude of uses.

Asset Management

DVS InteleStream manages your digital assets with our secure managed media and distribution solution that prepares, organizes, stores and distributes all your digital media assets and projects. Protect your assets long-term with DVS InteleStream’s Digital Vault system.

Quality Control

Due to the high volume of file based work we do at DVS, we have implemented the enterprise industry standard and automated file verification systems to handle the multitude of file based encodes and transcodes that we do at DVS.

DVS Localization &
Accessibility Services




DVS InteleStream was founded in September 2000 with the goal of developing a digital media distribution company that could deliver the highest quality commercial video content to a closed network of professional public relations, broadcast, online and internal business unit users.

With our experienced staff of industry professionals, DVS provides its clients with substantial delivery and value advantages. Our encoding, encryption, transcoding, archiving and analysis are among the best available and are all certified by the Motion Picture Arts Association (MPAA) for security and confidentiality.


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