DVS Digital Distribution

File-based workflows require a fast, robust pipeline to deliver on time and with confidence.

DVS InteleStream pioneered the distribution of file based electronic marketing materials for our clients through our EPK.TV platform and we use that same philosophy and technology to deliver materials for all of our clients.

Our servers and installed user base effectively act as a “go to” clearinghouse for broadcast and media outlets by industry. This ensures maximum attention, usage and feedback for all of your distribution rollouts.

Our technology partnerships guarantee high-performance transport process that is not only lightning fast, but secure. We apply best practices for all of our password and naming conventions to allow for hassle-free security that is transparent for our clients.

With a web based interface, we provide our clients with an easy to use portal that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and supports all major browsers.

DVS InteleStream leverages all of its traffic to provide the maximum up and download bandwidth available. That means the end result is you get your files there faster, more secure and easier than other traditional methods.

We also offer other digital file based delivery solutions based on our customers needs. So you need to feed your media into a broadcast group’s workflow system? We can take care of that. You need to have video for your latest edit pushed into a collaborative workflow? We've got you covered.

DVS InteleStream

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