DVS Encoding & Transcoding

DVS InteleStream processes thousands of files daily, covering the gamut of multiple platforms, codecs and wrappers. Our company has created scalable solutions that assure compatibility with all major playback and non-linear editorial systems.


We understand that elements can exist in a variety of formats, and recognize videotape is still being used in a large number of workflows. We can take all of those standard HD and SD tapes and digitize them into whatever file format suits your needs.

DVS InteleStream can ingest from all popular tape formats such as Sony HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, Panasonic D5 and Digital Betacam or even Beta SP to create the following industry standard codecs and wrappers including:


Digitizing your material is one thing, but what about making all of those deliverables you are committed to? We’ve got you covered. DVS InteleStream transcodes thousands of files daily for our customers across the globe in a variety of differing specifications to maximize compatibility worldwide.

We believe in being platform agnostic. So, whether you are using Mac, PC or Linux, we can transcode into any format that suites your needs.

What about speed?

DVS InteleStream specializes in distributed transcoding and fast segmentation for all of our render farms. That means multi-core processing and GPU acceleration to transcode material at the fastest possible speeds.

We support UltraHD and 4K video processing including up conversions from HD content with full GPU acceleration.

HDR and SDR support. We can handle sources that are both High Dynamic Range and Standard Dynamic range including Dolby Vision and HDR10.

We specialize in broadcast quality transcoding, IPTV/VOD transcoding as well as web-based. So if you have a show you need delivered to broadcast spec, as well as for iPad viewing for immediate client approval, look no further, that’s one of our specialties.

Our transcoding solutions include these industry standard files as well as many others:

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