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How do I protect my file-based assets in case of emergency?

This question has been posed increasingly since files have rapidly overtaken traditional physical transfer-based business processes. Are stacks of FireWire drives, P2 cards, thumb drives and other media overwhelming you?

While these devices offer fast access to huge amounts of data and material, they are not impervious to time and suffer from mechanical failure which can lead to corrupt and lost data, which is not acceptable when your edited series only exists as a digital file on a hard drive or server.

Our answer?

Protect your assets long-term with DVS InteleStream’s Digital Vault system.

With the Digital Vault we can encode/transcode, and even encrypt any of your assets into a format of your choice. These assets then can be catalogued and are searchable in our database with all of the file’s meta data intact. We also generate high-quality, web-based standard proxy files stored on our servers for all of our client’s elements (whether they be mezzanine or lower level).

Our clients can then access this data online to view/request assets to be delivered and/or transcoded to any video/audio standard format.

Our robust system includes archiving to industry standard LTO5 tape format to ensure that your material is protected, with the option of providing you a second copy of the material stored off location to guarantee redundancy for your valuable assets.

We are MPAA certified and adhere to the highest standards and practices. We understand that your assets, whether electronic or physical, are extremely valuable to you and we protect them with the utmost of security and care.

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